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I had to do this for my Arlo cameras. (Used to like them, but they are now junk and I don't recommend them any more) PiHole was not blocking anything with relation to them, however they were not functioning properly while the PiHole was involved.

The cameras were not recording movement and the Arlo web interface was telling me that my base station could not communicate with the internet after login and about a minute of login time. If I disabled the PiHole for 5 minutes, the Arlo cameras and web interface would work fine.

There appears to be no way to set a static IP address and static DNS servers on the Arlo, so no way to set a different DNS server just for Arlo and bypass the PiHole.

Here is how I fixed it.

Using a typical router for DHCP for all clients

Configure router so that the client you want to have no PiHole interference on is getting a static IP

Create a new group in PiHole in group management Find the client IP in group management clients and add it to the above created group

Create a regex white filter for all, e.g. .+

Add that filter to the above created group only under Group Management | Domains

That's it. It will take effect immediately.