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Parsec is a free and super high image quality remote control utility. I saw it first via some cloud gaming web sites that I was looking at. I dug into it a little bit and tried out cloud gaming via Parsec and found that it sucked for my current location in Qatar.
-Too much latency to be any fun.

Recently I look another look at it, but this time running on my local LAN. I run Linux Mint as my primary desktop operating system and always have to fight it to play what few games I like to play. Mainly GTA 5. Steam has made Linux gaming good, but GTA 5 always gives me a struggle due to its need for the Rockstar client.

I typically dual boot my computer to get in a bit of GTA 5, but this is cumbersome and means I need to have a decent daily desktop that can do some gaming, and this typically introduces fan noise. I don't like fan noise.

The other day, I decided to move my Windows computer capable of good GTA 5 performance out of my computer room and into another room. I then installed and ran Parsec on it. Parsec has a Linux client as well, so I put that on my Mint PC.
I can now remote into my Windows gaming computer via Parsec and run GTA 5 from my Linux computer.

The gaming experience is the same as running it locally. Parsec is impressive.

Sound comes through to the Linux client and I am able to play the game via a USB connected Xbox controller just like if the game was running on my local computer. It is super nice. I didn't have to do any tweaking of fighting to make it all work at all, which was nice as well.