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Geforce Now game changer for legit (cheap and free) top shelf Linux gaming on your Jalopy computer!

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Nvidia Geforce Now has been around for a little while, but never had a client for Linux. Geforce Now is awesome because it allows you to play games on non-gaming capable computers, so that jalopy that you have had for years that does everything else fine, can acceptably play the latest games now too.

Nvidia just recently announced that Geforce Now can be run on Chrome computer devices (Chromebook typically) which are outfitted with very basic hardware.

Chrome devices are just modified Linux systems. Soon after the announcement of Geforce Now on Chrome devices, we have details on how to run it within Linux and I have tried it on my Linux Mint machine and it works perfect and is pretty awesome.

Check out the details here:

Even if you don't have a Linux computer, you could run this on your Mac or Windows computer and avoid installing the Geforce client.

One interesting thing here is that (even if paying for the Geforce Now service) you could play the latest and greatest games and save a ton of money over constantly chasing the hardware requirements of the latest games.

Geforce Now doesn't work with all games, so check their list to know what you can and can't play.